February 24th, 2015: Urban Forest Restoration

In partnership with IslandWood and Nature Consortium, Tilden’s fifth-graders volunteered a full day to restore Seattle’s largest (nearly 500 acres) remaining forest, the West Duwamish Greenbelt.  Located in West Seattle, this greenbelt is a vital part of our area’s ecosystem. Its vegetation prevents storm water runoff, filters water, reduces erosion, absorbs carbon dioxide, and provides habitat for local wildlife. Students planted 70 native shrubs (Oregon grape, snowberry, and bald hip rose) and placed approximately 150 square feet of mulch, all while learning more about how to determine how healthy this forest is and the many ways to improve its health. The fifth-graders’ efforts will benefit the forest for generations to come.



September 16, 2014: Dakota Place Park Work Party

15092903629_bbfb97494c_zTilden faculty and families, as well as other members of the West Seattle community, volunteer with Seattle Parks and Recreation to improve the grounds of Dakota Place Park.

photoRemoving invasive plants and trash, pruning, and mulching, the group makes the park cleaner, healthier, and more inviting.

March, 2013: Food Drive

8613675713_4cd2892e92_zIn March the Tilden community participated in our annual food drive to benefit the West Seattle Food Bank.

8590802040_538136eec6_zThe first and fourth grade classes teamed up to help organize, collect, and deliver the food which was so generously donated by all the Tilden families.

October 5th, 2012: Fabulous Fifth Graders Volunteer with Nature Consortium


The fifth grade class enjoyed sun and volunteering fun all day with Nature Consortium in the West Duwamish Greenbelt.

8068672275_e165b41bcf_bFull of enthusiasm and determined to make a difference, the kids removed invasive species, mulched, and planted, all while learning important lessons on what our environment needs to stay healthy. Way to go, 5s!

Community Service Volunteers

6164489328_27bff7f67c_zWow, these students asked to clean up the neighborhood during recess—that’s dedication!

They chatted happily and shared that delightful feeling of doing the right thing as they removed trash from around the block.

Tilden students can volunteer to clean up the neighborhood for one recess each week. Thank you to our community service volunteers!