February 21-23, 2017: IslandWood

Tilden’s fifth-grade class spent three days and two nights at IslandWood, an environmental sciences school in the woods on Bainbridge Island. The program provides exceptional learning experiences with the goal of inspiring lifelong environmental stewardship. Outdoors each day, the fifth-graders studied ecosystems while living in ways that are more sustainable. Now it’s up to the fifth-grade students to continue living in more sustainable ways, encouraging their families and friends to do the same.

February 14, 2017: Valentine’s Day

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Tilden parents throw the best parties;

Thus, we owe them a huge THANK YOU!

Face painting, mini marshmallow races, balloons, cookie decorating, craft projects, treats, festive decorations, and more—Tilden parents donated their time, effort, creativity, and love to make this year’s Valentine’s parties joyful and memorable. Thanks loads, parents!

February 6, 2017: A Tilden snow day is a so-much-fun day!

For those students who could safely get to school during Seattle’s recent snow storm, our playground was a winter wonderland filled with friends. Snow forts, snowmen, and snowballs were the main activities that day, with academic pursuits filling the time it took for the kids’ outdoor gear to dry—enough—to romp in the snow again. Such fun!


November 7, 2016: Bridge Building

Tilden’s fifth-graders have just completed an engineering project by breaking it. The class constructed balsawood bridges over the last few weeks. Each student was given a limited number of 1/8” balsa sticks and glue, with the challenge of building a sturdy, loadbearing structure within the dimensional requirements of the International Balsa Bridge Building Contest rules. Students began their exploration by building different styles of bridges out of K’NEX. The students observed the different forces at work when bridges are under load, and altered their designs to compensate for each new direction of force they encountered. Using what they learned with the K’NEX bridges, they then designed a balsawood bridge. After all the bridges were complete, they set them over a span and added weight until they failed. They worked hard and were excited, if a little sad, to bring home their destroyed masterpieces.



October 28, 2016: Halloween Carnival

Time Travel was the truly phenomenal theme for this year’s Halloween Carnival! As one would expect, each historical setting offered adventure and fun. Panning for gold, fishing with pirates, and consulting an ancient Greek oracle were just a few of the escapades enjoyed by our students. Parents outdid themselves this year, as evident in their creativity and details. What a remarkable feat, indeed! Parents, we are incredibly grateful for your passion and hard work!

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June 16, 2016: Graduation and Beach Party

Congratulations to Tilden’s graduates of 2016! You represented yourselves, your families, and your school remarkably well during the graduation ceremony, and then you played hard at Alki Beach. Way to go! And now you’re gone. 🙁

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June 8, 2016: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

From introduction to bow, Tilden’s fifth-graders commanded the stage, performing Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream set in 1980s USA. Sporting ’80s fashion (love it or hate it) with a soundtrack of ’80s tunes, they romped, wooed, and worked their magic on the audience, reminding us that Shakespeare’s humor and the play’s themes are every bit as relevant today as they were during the Elizabethan Age. A hilarious rendition, and one to remember, indeed! Bravo!

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April 19, 2016: Aviation Learning Center at the Museum of Flight

Tilden’s fifth-graders were fully engaged in hands-on learning at the Aviation Learning Center. First they attended pilot ground school, studying navigation, weather, flight dynamics, instruments, weight and balance, and aircraft performance. Next they completed the pre-flight check of a real Cirrus SR20 airplane. Then they completed their flight plan to a local airfield. Finally, they followed their flight plan while flying in simulators. The entire experience was exhilarating and memorable! (And, yes, their teachers were jealous.)


March 29, 2016: Math Moves!

The fourth- and fifth-graders were in math heaven at Pacific Science Center’s Math Moves! exhibit. While visiting Pac Sci is always a highlight of the school year, this exhibit on ratios and proportions was especially enthralling. So many math challenges; so little time. Indeed, we all left wanting more. Fourth- and fifth-grade families, it’s time to experience Math Moves!


March 21, 2016: Tilden Learning Celebration

Students led the way, hosting their families for our annual Learning Celebration, which is exactly what it sounds like, a time to celebrate all the learning students have accomplished. What a joyous event! As students guided their families among the many displays, family members readily listened and commented. The result being everyone had a moment to notice, appreciate, and take pride in the learning these Tilden kids have achieved. Kudos to our hardworking students!