September 6, 2019: Teamwork

Today the fifth graders practiced teamwork to set the stage for a year full of learning with and from each other in math class. They were given a challenge that required full participation from all and they rose to it!  Between rounds, groups had a chance to reflect on what was and wasn’t working and adjust their strategies accordingly. Upon reflection, students said that good group work looks like “everyone taking turns and working together” and “people standing up for their ideas and helping everyone with the problem”. Others noted that good group work can sound like “calm voices talking together about a problem” or “encouragement and laughing”. Finally, one student said that good group work is simply “spectacular”.   

September 5, 2019: Story Writing Begins!

If you know Tilden, you know the tradition of Thursday stories. Each week students gather together to brainstorm with Whitney before writing about the assigned topic in their classroom. The kids learn not only the mechanics of writing, but also that they have valuable ideas and that those ideas can be expressed on paper. The topic for the first week? Summer, of course! 

September 4, 2019: Welcome Back Picnic

Welcoming, indeed! Thank you to all the Tilden families for making this such a warm community, and for contributing a delicious spread! It does take a village, and the Tilden staff is thrilled to begin another school year working with you. 🙂

Parents, teachers, students: a community

April 18, 2019: Poem in Your Pocket Day

Recently, the sounds of poetry could be heard drifting through the school as the students and teachers shared the poems they had stashed in their pockets. Every year, the Tilden community joins with the rest of the country to celebrate poetry with Poem in Your Pocket Day.   

February 14, 2019: Valentine’s Day

As is typical of Tilden parents, they went all out to host joyous and sugar-filled parties for each class! Thank you, parents, for your time, creativity, and sense of fun! With so many engaging activities and extra attention, the kids and staff loved every minute!

January 22-24, 2019: IslandWood

Tilden’s fifth grade class spent three days and two nights at IslandWood, an environmental sciences school in the woods on Bainbridge Island. The program provides exceptional learning experiences with the goal of inspiring lifelong environmental stewardship. Outdoors each day, the fifth-graders studied ecosystems while living in ways that are more sustainable. Now it’s up to the fifth grade students to continue living in more sustainable ways, encouraging their families and friends to do the same. 

February 4, 2019: Snow day!

Bitter cold? No prob, if snow is on the ground. Half of Tilden’s delightful kiddos made it to school on the first snow day of the school year, and boy, did we have fun! Snow angels appeared, snowmen were formed, and snowballs sailed through the frigid air, as students frolicked in the frozen landscape. We might have learned a little indoors, as well.

October 26, 2018: Halloween Carnival

Superheroes (aka parents and volunteers) were out in force, racing around the clock to transform Tilden’s campus into the ultimate superhero hideout. Their mission: to impose mandatory fun, excitement, humor, joy, and sugar upon all of Tilden’s students. Thank you, Superheroes, for your dedication (and time and effort and creativity) to such a worthy cause. You have given us all truly wonderful memories!

September 5, 2018: Welcome back, indeed!

The Welcome Back Picnic at Lincoln Park truly felt celebratory! With such a huge showing of friendly Tilden community faces—old and new—along with delicious potluck fare to share, the atmosphere was, well, typically Tilden: warm and inclusive, with a strong sense of community. Thank you, Tilden families!


June 15, 2018: The Fabulous 5s Graduate

Graduation, followed by a family and guest reception, followed by a class celebration on Alki—an eventful day, indeed. The 5s have officially launched, and we’ll miss them. Best wishes, 5s, and please visit!