January 12, 2015: Penguin Watch–Documenting the World’s Penguin Population


Identifying Penguins

Today the Kindergarteners applied their skills of counting by 5s and tallying, to help scientists document the world’s current penguin population. First, the fifth graders assisted their K-buddies with how to navigate the site¬†PenguinWatch.org. Once the Ks were comfortable using the computer track pads, they were off, counting and recording penguins in photographs taken in real time. The Ks will continue to contribute data to this project throughout the month. Go, Ks!

October 17, 1014: Have you eaten a good book lately?

IMG_8661 Fourth graders whipped up an appetizing array of sandwich book projects.

IMG_8653Each “sandwich” included truly luscious ingredients, such as character and setting descriptions, story summaries, and reader recommendations.

March 31st, 2014: A Visit from a Loyalist

13745269434_f2c4290de1_zPaul Schmid, portraying a member of Butler’s Rangers, treated the 4th grade students to a colonial loyalist’s perspective on the events surrounding the American Revolution. His enthusiastic audience learned there was more than one viewpoint about the cause of independence!

March 10, 2014: Tilden Learning Celebration

14059807486_0676f39bdf_kLearning is definitely cause for celebration, and the Tilden community did just that. Families enjoyed this annual event that recognizes students’ effort and achievement, beginning with time in the classrooms and halls to view students’ work, and ending with performances by each class.

13111190653_b8954c051f_zWith all the day-to-day hard work these kids do, it was good to pause and appreciate their effort.

Become a Book!

13070217665_0b3cc83f59_zLooking for a great read?

13070047305_89b26b1b60_zAsk the Tilden third-graders, who became books, and shared what made them great in a parade throughout the school.