Physical Education

Physical Education

Our K-5 physical education program focuses on fitness, enjoyment of active play, and skill acquisition. Each class includes an introduction or a review of a relevant skill, and a game for students to practice that skill (ball handling, catching, bouncing, throwing, running, eye-hand coordination, etc.), providing about 30-35 minutes of continuous movement. The games are modified to allow all students, regardless of skill level, to participate in and enjoy the benefits of cardiovascular activity, while practicing the skills they will use for a lifetime of sports and fitness activities.

In addition, we emphasize and encourage social development. Students find that successful participation in games requires teamwork; thus, the outcome is more dependent on cooperative strategies than on competition. At the end of each class, primary students discuss the positive sportsmanship they witnessed, while intermediate students examine the effectiveness of various strategies. In this inclusive, encouraging atmosphere, students celebrate the successes of all, and work together to improve their skills.


PE classes are conducted outdoors, either on Tilden’s playground or at a local park.

All Tilden students enjoy a weekly PE class, as well as a daily recess after lunch. In Kindergarten and first grade, students also have a  morning recess for exercise and play. Moreover, Kindergarteners have a Kindermusik movement and music experience weekly with Lou Magor. (See Performing Arts section.)

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