April 27th, 2015: The Museum of Flight

One day at the Museum of Flight is not nearly long enough to enjoy all its wonders. The fifth-graders and faculty left wanting more, indeed. After touring the extensive collection that covers aviation history from Kitty Hawk to the Space Shuttle Trainer, Tilden’s fifth-grade students then took part in a Mars mission simulation. Half the class was living in a Mars space station, while the other half was traveling in a spaceship on their way to relieve the Mars crew. Students had to train for their positions, execute their missions, and troubleshoot emergencies without adult assistance. Yes, it was exciting and intense!  Alarms sounded as oxygen levels dropped, but then, with only 15 seconds of oxygen to go, disaster was averted–phew! High radiation readings also caused a scare, but once again, the two crews worked together, following protocol and solving the issue. And so much went well: the flight, entering atmo, the moon probes, science experiments, communication, and more. All in all, a truly awesome experience!

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