April 18, 2019: Poem in Your Pocket Day

Recently, the sounds of poetry could be heard drifting through the school as the students and teachers shared the poems they had stashed in their pockets. Every year, the Tilden community joins with the rest of the country to celebrate poetry with Poem in Your Pocket Day.   

May 16, 2018: The Fourth Grade Play was a Hit!

Philadelphia was the place, and 1776 was the date. It was the meeting of the Second Continental Congress, and the Tilden fourth graders lived their parts. The play was the culminating event to celebrate the students’ understanding of how our independence was won.

May 7, 2018: It’s a Parade of Books!

It was a normal Monday in the halls of Tilden, when suddenly a group of walking, talking books paraded through the halls and classrooms! As it turns out, it was the third graders, who were celebrating a book project called Become Your Book. What an exciting day for this group of readers, as well as the rest of the Tilden community.

March, 2018: Frisbee Book Projects

How far will a book project fly? The fourth graders answered the question as they tested the flight-worthiness of their Frisbee book projects. Character descriptions, plot summaries, and the rest of the parts of a good book project were seen swirling and gliding across the playground!

March, 2018; Writing Reports

Recently, the fourth graders practiced using their research skills as they wrote reports about animals.
The project was far reaching, sending tendrils into prose, poetry, and art.

2018 Food Drive

Recently, the Tilden 1st and 4th graders hosted a food drive to benefit the West Seattle Food Bank. As always, our Tilden families responded with enthusiasm and generosity, filling an SUV to overflowing with donated items.

Tilden Students Participate in National Poem in Your Pocket Day!

IMG_9856Writing, reading, memorizing, and reciting poetry is a challenging and exciting part of Tilden’s curriculum. To celebrate the power of poetry and to honor National Poetry Month, Tilden’s students and teachers spent a wonderful day sharing favorite poems. On April 30, we each tucked a favorite poem into our pocket (or shoe!) ready to spread a little poetic sunshine.IMG_9866

February 23, 2015: Animal Research Reports

????????The fourth graders recently put to use the fundamental skills of researching a topic and then writing a report, and their outstanding animal reports reflect their efforts. The seven-paragraph reports are accompanied by artwork, maps, and poetry, which add depth and interest to their projects.

October 17, 1014: Have you eaten a good book lately?

IMG_8661 Fourth graders whipped up an appetizing array of sandwich book projects.

IMG_8653Each “sandwich” included truly luscious ingredients, such as character and setting descriptions, story summaries, and reader recommendations.