November 27, 2019: Mary’s Place Donations

A huge THANK-YOU to our generous Tilden community! You made it happen: All Mary’s Place gift tag requests have been fulfilled. Year after year, you step up. On behalf of all the local families who will experience your generosity this holiday season, thank you very much! And an extra shout-out to parent Carol Baltaxe for starting this holiday giving tradition at Tilden, and for signing up our school again this year. Thanks for getting us organized to do good, Carol!

September 4, 2019: Welcome Back Picnic

Welcoming, indeed! Thank you to all the Tilden families for making this such a warm community, and for contributing a delicious spread! It does take a village, and the Tilden staff is thrilled to begin another school year working with you. 🙂

Parents, teachers, students: a community

Another way to study

An important focus in fifth grade is learning how to study effectively. “Which study strategies work well for me?” the fifth-graders ask themselves week to week. Here are a few examples of methods the fifth-graders employed to study geography and geology concepts.

Note: These videos are not of polished performances; rather, the fifth-graders were good sports to film the chants and dance moves they created for studying. Indeed, there are a few errors due to nerves. Can you spot the errors?

February 14, 2019: Valentine’s Day

As is typical of Tilden parents, they went all out to host joyous and sugar-filled parties for each class! Thank you, parents, for your time, creativity, and sense of fun! With so many engaging activities and extra attention, the kids and staff loved every minute!

January 22-24, 2019: IslandWood

Tilden’s fifth grade class spent three days and two nights at IslandWood, an environmental sciences school in the woods on Bainbridge Island. The program provides exceptional learning experiences with the goal of inspiring lifelong environmental stewardship. Outdoors each day, the fifth-graders studied ecosystems while living in ways that are more sustainable. Now it’s up to the fifth grade students to continue living in more sustainable ways, encouraging their families and friends to do the same. 

February 4, 2019: Snow day!

Bitter cold? No prob, if snow is on the ground. Half of Tilden’s delightful kiddos made it to school on the first snow day of the school year, and boy, did we have fun! Snow angels appeared, snowmen were formed, and snowballs sailed through the frigid air, as students frolicked in the frozen landscape. We might have learned a little indoors, as well.

January 7-11, 2019: Donation Drive for WestSide Baby

Many thanks to Mark Thomas, parent of Griffin (5th)! Once again he organized a drive to donate needed items to WestSide Baby; once again, Tilden families stepped up. Carseats, strollers, clothing, diapers, books, and more were donated and are now available for the more than 38,000 children served by WestSide Baby. Thanks to everyone who contributed, and especially to Mark for making it all happen!

To learn more about WestSide Baby, go to

November 15, 2018: Mary’s Place holiday gift drive

What can a tiny school with only 100 students do? We can be a force! In only five days our Tilden community removed all 100 giving tags from the Mary’s Place holiday gift drive display, plus there were additional cash and toy donations. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, TILDEN FAMILIES! Your generosity will warm many hearts of homeless children, parents, and grandparents in Seattle this holiday season. ♥

A huge shout-out to fourth-grade parent Carol Baltaxe for once again being the liaison between Tilden and Mary’s Place! She coordinated with Mary’s Place, delivered the gift tags to Tilden, and hauled all your cash and item donations to Mary’s Place, and she did it all with a smile! 🙂

If you would like to learn more about Mary’s Place, go to