November 15, 2018: Mary’s Place holiday gift drive

What can a tiny school with only 100 students do? We can be a force! In only five days our Tilden community removed all 100 giving tags from the Mary’s Place holiday gift drive display, plus there were additional cash and toy donations. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, TILDEN FAMILIES! Your generosity will warm many hearts of homeless children, parents, and grandparents in Seattle this holiday season. ♥

A huge shout-out to fourth-grade parent Carol Baltaxe for once again being the liaison between Tilden and Mary’s Place! She coordinated with Mary’s Place, delivered the gift tags to Tilden, and hauled all your cash and item donations to Mary’s Place, and she did it all with a smile! 🙂

If you would like to learn more about Mary’s Place, go to

October 26, 2018: Halloween Carnival

Superheroes (aka parents and volunteers) were out in force, racing around the clock to transform Tilden’s campus into the ultimate superhero hideout. Their mission: to impose mandatory fun, excitement, humor, joy, and sugar upon all of Tilden’s students. Thank you, Superheroes, for your dedication (and time and effort and creativity) to such a worthy cause. You have given us all truly wonderful memories!

October 21, 2018: Dakota Place Park Fall Cleanup

A huge shout-out to all the Tilden families and staff who volunteered their time and energy to beautify our local park! The Tilden community and neighborhood appreciate all your effort. Thank you!

September 5, 2018: Welcome back, indeed!

The Welcome Back Picnic at Lincoln Park truly felt celebratory! With such a huge showing of friendly Tilden community faces—old and new—along with delicious potluck fare to share, the atmosphere was, well, typically Tilden: warm and inclusive, with a strong sense of community. Thank you, Tilden families!


June 15, 2018: The Fabulous 5s Graduate

Graduation, followed by a family and guest reception, followed by a class celebration on Alki—an eventful day, indeed. The 5s have officially launched, and we’ll miss them. Best wishes, 5s, and please visit!

June 6, 2018: 10, 9, 8, …1, LIFTOFF!

Launch day for the fifth-graders was a soaring success. Having built their own rockets and circuitry, they celebrated each successful launch into a cloudless Seattle sky. What a day! Congratulations, 5s!

June 6, 2018: Much Ado About Nothing

Oh, but it truly was something: a spectacular performance by the 5s! Congratulations, fifth-graders, on your hard work, your teamwork, and your accomplishment! What a treat for your Tilden community! We are all so very proud of you! (Shakespeare would have loved it, too.)

May 16, 2018: The Fourth Grade Play was a Hit!

Philadelphia was the place, and 1776 was the date. It was the meeting of the Second Continental Congress, and the Tilden fourth graders lived their parts. The play was the culminating event to celebrate the students’ understanding of how our independence was won.

May 7, 2018: It’s a Parade of Books!

It was a normal Monday in the halls of Tilden, when suddenly a group of walking, talking books paraded through the halls and classrooms! As it turns out, it was the third graders, who were celebrating a book project called Become Your Book. What an exciting day for this group of readers, as well as the rest of the Tilden community.