April 27th, 2015: The Museum of Flight

One day at the Museum of Flight is not nearly long enough to enjoy all its wonders. The fifth-graders and faculty left wanting more, indeed. After touring the extensive collection that covers aviation history from Kitty Hawk to the Space Shuttle Trainer, Tilden’s fifth-grade students then took part in a Mars mission simulation. Half the class was living in a Mars space station, while the other half was traveling in a spaceship on their way to relieve the Mars crew. Students had to train for their positions, execute their missions, and troubleshoot emergencies without adult assistance. Yes, it was exciting and intense!  Alarms sounded as oxygen levels dropped, but then, with only 15 seconds of oxygen to go, disaster was averted–phew! High radiation readings also caused a scare, but once again, the two crews worked together, following protocol and solving the issue. And so much went well: the flight, entering atmo, the moon probes, science experiments, communication, and more. All in all, a truly awesome experience!

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April 26th, 2015: Spring Cleanup at Dakota Place Park

IMG_0723MIMG_0724any volunteers, including several Tilden families, joined efforts to remove invasive species, weeds, and trash from Dakota Place Park in West Seattle. This park is very dear to the Tilden community, as former Tilden families worked to establish it in 2009.  Thank you to the volunteers who so generously gave their time and energy to improve the park for all!

March 16th, 2015: Student-Led Service Learning Projects

P1090230Compassion for those less fortunate has motivated three fifth-grade students to organize their own service learning projects. Upon learning that several communities in Kenya have no soccer equipment for their youth, Regan kicked off (pun intended) a soccer equipment drive, successfully collecting loads of equipment from the Tilden community. Last week she learned that the donations had arrived in Kenya and the kids there are thrilled! Similarly, Ella witnessed homeless families freezing on the streets of Seattle, prompting her to ask what can I do to help? Her answer: a warm clothing and blanket drive. Again the Tilden community stepped up, donating plenty of coats, gloves, hats, blankets, and more. Recently Ella and her parents passed out the donations to some of Seattle’s homeless population, and Ella reported that folks were deeply appreciative. Finally, Siobhan is preparing for a book drive she is organizing for students at Bailey Gatzert Elementary, a Seattle school with the highest homeless student population. Her goal is to collect 300 books for grades K-6, so each student at Bailey Gatzert can take a book home. No doubt Tilden’s families and faculty will meet or exceed the challenge. Siobhan plans to deliver the donations to Bailey Gatzert a week prior to spring break. Thank you, Regan, Ella, and Siobhan, for easing the struggles of others.

February 24th, 2015: Urban Forest Restoration

In partnership with IslandWood and Nature Consortium, Tilden’s fifth-graders volunteered a full day to restore Seattle’s largest (nearly 500 acres) remaining forest, the West Duwamish Greenbelt.  Located in West Seattle, this greenbelt is a vital part of our area’s ecosystem. Its vegetation prevents storm water runoff, filters water, reduces erosion, absorbs carbon dioxide, and provides habitat for local wildlife. Students planted 70 native shrubs (Oregon grape, snowberry, and bald hip rose) and placed approximately 150 square feet of mulch, all while learning more about how to determine how healthy this forest is and the many ways to improve its health. The fifth-graders’ efforts will benefit the forest for generations to come.



February 23, 2015: Animal Research Reports

????????The fourth graders recently put to use the fundamental skills of researching a topic and then writing a report, and their outstanding animal reports reflect their efforts. The seven-paragraph reports are accompanied by artwork, maps, and poetry, which add depth and interest to their projects.

October 17, 1014: Have you eaten a good book lately?

IMG_8661 Fourth graders whipped up an appetizing array of sandwich book projects.

IMG_8653Each “sandwich” included truly luscious ingredients, such as character and setting descriptions, story summaries, and reader recommendations.