October 30, 2017: Pirates Invade Tilden!

Yo-ho-yo-ho, what a merry time we all had at this year’s Halloween Carnival! All hands were on deck as pirates (parents) sailed into Tilden, the Jolly Roger waving high in the wind. With loads of good cheer, adventure that would excite even the most seasoned seafarer, and plenty of loot for the wee ones, the carnival’s cap’ns (Wendy Jenkins Hanna, Mark Thomas, and Lisa Hewson) and crew (parent volunteers) declared victory…then likely swaggered below deck for a long nap. Thank you, pirates, for this incredible adventure!

October 24, 2017: The U.S.A. Just Got Better!

Yesterday, October 23rd, fifth-grader Thuc and his parents successfully completed their Naturalization Oath Ceremony to become U.S. citizens! So today the fifth grade class celebrated in red, white, and blue attire with cheers, treats, congratulatory notes, and even a perusal of the civics questions for the naturalization test. All agreed this was an important event and a huge accomplishment, and we all feel very fortunate to welcome Thuc’s family as fellow citizens. Yay!

September 6, 2017: Welcome Back Picnic

Gathering at Lincoln Park, returning staff and families welcomed new staff and families for a celebratory start to the school year. There were lots of introductions, handshakes, hugs, conversation, laughter, and of course, delicious food and time to play. Over too quickly, but it was a school night, after all.

June 9, 2017: Field Day

A huge THANK-YOU to our hardworking Tilden parents for such a fun and spirited Field Day! At the start, the day was filled with adventure, from firefighter training to exploring our solar system, from Frisbee golf to launching frogs, and from Cheetos to quinoa-spinach salad, we didn’t want it to end. Tilden parents rock!

June 7, 2017: 3, 2, 1, Liftoff!

Launching rockets at Hiawatha Park was the culmination of the fifth-graders’ flight and rocketry studies. Every student’s rocket successfully launched—commendable, as each student built her/his own rocket, launch pad, and circuitry. Congratulations to all our fifth-grade aerospace engineers, and their fearless leader and science teacher, Virgil!

June 7, 2017: Twelfth Night

A love triangle in the tropics sounds like an entertaining tale, and, indeed, the fifth-graders delivered! Duke Orsino wooed Countess Olivia, who wooed Cesario the page, who was really Viola, who fell hard for Duke Orsino. Such is the humor of Shakespeare, yet clearly it’s just as humorous today as it was in the Elizabethan Age, for the performers and the audience had rollicking fun! Special thanks to Claudia for stepping in as our outstanding director when a medical emergency struck, and congratulations to our fifth-grade thespians for a show to remember!

Poem in your Pocket Day 2017

Poem in your Pocket Day is a beloved tradition at Tilden.

Adults and children celebrate, bringing poems for sharing with each other.

Throughout the day, poems are pulled from pockets and shared in the hall, in classrooms, and on the playground.

Spring Concert 2017

Nearly eight months of hard work by Tilden faculty and students culminated in our spring choral concert at the Hall at Fauntleroy.

After a light-hearted family singalong, rounds, folk, and silly songs with Whitney, Tilden music teacher Lou Magor led the students in several classics, plus the world premiere of local composer Bob Kechley’s “Every Kind of Flower”, a choral piece commissioned by Tilden School.

Kids, teachers, and families alike left the Hall feeling pride and joy in these musical accomplishments.

April 18, 2017: Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor at the Pacific Science Center

Lucky Seattle, hosting the world premiere of artifacts from the First Imperial Dynasty of China! The fourth- and fifth-graders witnessed real figures from the terracotta army, along with over 100 precious artifacts, all from the 2,200-year-old tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of a unified China. The age of the artifacts, as well as the attention to detail, structural integrity, and artistry, were all truly mind-blowing. Not to mention the scope of the site from which they came: a 22-square-mile tomb filled with a life-size army and palace, along with all its treasures and inhabitants. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we highly recommend.

April 12, 2017: Aviation Learning Center at the Museum of Flight

Please fasten your seat belts as we take off into a new learning adventure! Tilden’s fifth-graders attended ground school, plotted their flights, conducted their preflight checks (with a real Cirrus SR20 airplane), and flew their airplanes (simulators), landing safely (mostly). And that was just the morning! The afternoon was a little less intense, with a tour of the museum, and a movie on the wonder of flight and its impact on our lives. Airplanes never seem to lose our fascination, but these kiddos will now view them with a deeper respect for the science that enables flight.