Curriculum Overview

Our integrated curriculum embraces opportunities for students to weave the many threads of their education together. It is challenging, interesting, and fun! Students build on their learning experience–one new skill and idea at a time, one bigger and bolder question at a time. 

Our curriculum is effective because it honors the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development of all students, preparing them to be resourceful, contributing, and confident learners.

Our small setting, staff, and student population makes it possible to offer a pretty amazing educational experience, one that sparks an excitement and curiosity for learning, where every child feels encouraged and valued.

Our unique team of classroom teachers and subject specialists make it possible to build a vibrant and rigorous curriculum.

Our small class sizes and high level of staff support make it possible to direct the curriculum to each child’s developmental path and learning style.

Our commitment to staff collaboration and communication make it possible to know our students well and shape our curriculum to their needs and personalities as they grow.


We hold passionately to using a variety of teaching strategies that foster learning:

  • whole-group and small-group instruction and discussion
  • peer-to-peer work
  • one-to-one time with teachers and aids
  • individualized assignments

We strive always to help students acquire the skills and qualities of thoughtful and independent learners, including:

  • academic proficiency
  • critical thinking skills
  • self-confidence
  • pride, grace, and humility

We invest heavily in developing students’ interpersonal skills and participation in the group learning community:

  • frequent opportunities to collaborate in partnerships and small groups
  • focused attention on building respect and understanding through careful listening and dialogue
  • time dedicated to practicing communicating respectfully and solving problems peacefully 

We promote ways for students to take ownership of their learning:

  • building diligence, persistence, and strong study skills
  • learning to follow directions and take responsibility for work and deadlines
  • practicing organizational strategies and tools

We also take advantage of the many valuable resources beyond our walls to enhance our offerings, such as museum exhibits, environmental stewardship offerings, local events, guest speakers, and special performances.

If you have questions about our curriculum, please call or email us.

“Tilden is a warm and caring environment- all the teachers are very friendly and helpful. Both of my kids have loved attending Tilden and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a wonderful school. The parent support is amazing and fun to be involved in. Thank you Tilden for being such a warm and fun place for my kids to learn. We love each and every one of you!!”

— Alumni Parent