Physical Education

Physical Education 

Our K-5 physical education program focuses on active play and skill acquisition through an enjoyable and regular group experience. Weekly classes at every grade level make it possible for all students to acquire and practice a broad range of sport and fitness activities.

P.E. is held outdoors on the playground or at Dakota Park. Classes are held in the building’s community room on rare days of extreme weather.

In addition to their weekly PE class, all students have a long daily recess after lunch. Kindergarteners and first graders also have a daily morning recess.


P.E. sessions include thirty- to thirty-five minutes of continuous movement and cardiovascular activity.

Activities are modified to different skill levels to adjust for age, ability, and maturity.

We place an emphasis on good sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the P.E. sessions.

Classes conclude with a discussion of positive sportsmanship and effective strategies students witnessed to celebrate the successes of working together to improve skills.


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