Our math program ignites in students an appreciation and delight for the symbolic language of numbers, for the puzzles to be puzzled, and for the mission of discovery with their peers. Beyond fundamental competency and proficiency, we help students be confident in their abilities to problem-solve, reason, and communicate mathematically.


We draw on many resources to create a compelling student experience, including: Addison-Wesley and Math Their Way mathematics programs; material from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ Curriculum Standards; Math Their Way; and many supplemental resources we think will spark our student’s interest.

Exploration through activities, manipulatives, and experiences is at the center of learning for all grade levels.

We emphasize applying math to realistic, everyday situations in concrete and meaningful ways.

We value demonstrating an understanding of math concepts through written and oral language skills, as well as symbolic representation.

Students, working together in partnerships to strategize and solve with problems, build real-world group skills.

Developing strategies for unlocking story problems starts in Kindergarten and just gets better and better. Those fifth-graders are pros!



  • integrated with language arts and science curriculum
  • beginning vocabulary and foundational concepts of numbers zero to 10, sorting, comparing, and patterns
  • beginning addition and subtraction

First Grade

  • beginning place value and base ten
  • addition and subtraction zero to ninety-nine
  • introduction to geometry, measurement, telling time, money, and simple story problems

Second Grade

  • using blocks to truly understand place value
  • beginning carrying and borrowing
  • addition and subtraction fact combinations

Third Grade

  • traveling to the math specialist
  • multiplication facts for speed and understanding of patterns
  • starting the multiplication-division-decimal-fraction journey

Fourth Grade

  • long division
  • solving problems with mental math, estimation, calculators, and computers
  • deep dive into fractions

Fifth Grade

  • percent
  • complex equations with parentheses and exponents
  • using current news articles to analyze and understand issues through math



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