Students at all grades participate in weekly sessions of conversational Spanish highlighting vocabulary from everyday life. The program focuses on building oral skills, tapping into young children’s strong ability to acquire language by ear. Reading and writing components are introduced at higher grades.


Students learn as native-speaking children learn through conversation, play, games, physical movement, songs, storytelling, reading books, and creative activities.

Instruction and participation is conducted eighty to ninety-five percent of the time in Spanish.

Hispanic and Mexican culture is interwoven into lessons throughout the program.

Understanding and skill is built through repetition in simulated conversations, participatory activities, and creative projects.

Lots of questioning and answering builds exposure to sentence structure and intonation.


Kindergarten and First Grade

  • props for all vocabulary
  • introductory phrases and simple commands
  • question and answer guessing games

Second Grade and Third Grade

  • conversational questions and answers
  • listening to and interpreting stories
  • reviewing and building rich vocabulary

Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade

  • the Spanish alphabet and its sounds
  • spelling, pronunciation, writing, and reading aloud
  • creating “El Mercado” (the market)
  • conjugating verbs
  • complex partner and group activities






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