May 26, 2016: Service Learning Project

Prompted by a parent complaint that not all parents were attending to their children in the Tilden parking lot, the fifth-graders launched a study to determine if unaccompanied children was an issue, and if so, how prevalent. Turns out it’s quite common, despite all Tilden parents having read and signed the following:

I will make sure that ALL the children in my care (even if I am escorting a large carpool)

STAY WITH ME at all times in the parking lot.

Concerned for the safety of fellow students, the fifth-graders decided the solution to this problem was to launch a safety campaign to raise awareness and accountability in Tilden parents. Thus, they formed groups: one to film a video (link below), one to write an email (sent to all Tilden families), one to create posters (posted on campus), and one to write a flyer (sent home with each student). Parents, we sincerely hope you grasp the importance of paying attention to (no cellphones) and staying with (no more than an arm’s length away) your charges in the parking lot.