Jan Newgent


After graduating from St Mary’s College  in New Zealand, Jan began her degree in serology/microbiology. She worked at Christchurch Hospital’s microbiology department while learning practical applications pertaining to serological testing. After graduating with a degree in serology, she remained working for three more years before moving to a ski resort in the beautiful town of Wanaka. There she trained as a children’s ski instructor and continued working with children both able-bodied and disabled. In 1992, she moved to Seattle, Washington, and began working at A Child Becomes Preschool as a preschool teacher for ages 3-5. After 25 years she decided to accept the position as assistant teacher working with the kindergarten class at Tilden.

She took the position alongside Kristi Williams, with whom she had worked at A Child Becomes Preschool. Her love for children, science, and teaching, combined, have led her to this wonderful school and staff. Her hobbies include gardening and birding. She now lives on Tiger Lake in Kitsap County and commutes by ferry daily.