Kristin O’Meara


Kristin O’Meara knew she wanted to be an educator at a very young age. When she graduated with a BA in Elementary Education from Washington State University in 1995, and an endorsement in reading, she took her first post in Kitsap County focusing on creating a primary multi-aged curriculum for grades 1/2/3 . Having completed her Masters of Education in Creative Arts, she took a position at the American Community School (ACS) in Egham, England. There she helped ACS get accredited with the Primary Years Programming certification, the elementary introduction to the International Baccalaureate, while also being the lead teacher for the PreK program and then moving for another couple years as the 1st grade teacher. During this time she took continued-education credits in Sweden and Holland.

While taking a career break to bring up her three children, all Tilden School graduates, she volunteered with organizations such as BuildOn, where she raised funds for and traveled to East Africa to build schools alongside local communities.She joined the faculty at Tilden School in 2017 as the art teacher and absolutely loves the values that have been so thoughtfully developed. She has a passion for education and has had the privilege to educate and be educated nationally and internationally. Whether cultivating the creative minds of young artists, or schooling the metamorphosis of non-readers to readers, she is driven to teach.