A standing student shows something on an easel to a class of students sitting on the floor while a teacher sits to the side

Academic, engaging, individualized K-5 education since 1985 in West Seattle

Our integrated curriculum embraces opportunities for students to weave the many threads of their education together.

Dedicated to smaller class sizes with low student-to-teacher ratio, Tilden offers a rich and rigorous program for the intellectual, artistic, social, emotional, and physical development of each student.

Tilden’s Mission and Philosophy

Tilden School was established to provide high-quality individualized education in the West Seattle area. We happily offer children:

  • a stimulating, nurturing atmosphere in which to experiment and learn;
  • a low student/teacher ratio;
  • an academically oriented experience;
  • structure and choice;
  • promotion of cooperation and consideration of others.

We Value

  • kindess
  • respect
  • community
  • inclusivity
  • friendship
  • accountability
  • each student’s voice

Small Classes & Affordable Tuition

With an average student:teacher ratio of 9:1, Tilden ensures that students get the care and focus they need.

We offer a rich curriculum that includes mastery of core skills in reading, math, writing, and science, as well as diverse specialist programs in art, music, and technology.

“We are so thankful to have found Tilden School. Our kids have wonderful teachers who make learning fun and interesting. We know they are in a caring, safe environment, where the culture is that of kindness and respect. They are challenged academically and have been given the tools to thrive. It is a wonderful community of students, parents, and teachers. We love Tilden School!”

— 1st Grade Parent

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