After-School Enrichment

Activities at ASE augment and reinforce learning, social skills, and expected school behavior.


  • Monday-Thursday, 3:00-6:00pm
  • No after-school enrichment on days Tilden is not in session or on half-days 


Outdoor Learning

Exercise and Social Learning:

ASE staff encourage, referee, supervise, and facilitate conflict resolution in the play yard or at the park across the street, for:

  • individual and group activities
  • practice with cooperation & fair play
  • play with balls, skippies, ropes, hula hoops, and other equipment
  • child-directed imaginative play

Indoor Learning

Homework Help:

ASE leaders provide assistance as requested.

Social Interaction (mixed age):

Students play together across grade levels, in imaginative play, construction, and tabletop and other structured games, requiring cooperation, strategy, and concentration.

Independent Choice Reading:

A rich selection of books, including fiction and non-fiction at all reading levels, is available.


Abundant art materials and various projects are provided for imaginative creations.

Manipulatives and Toys:

Students build, sort, arrange, count and pretend with various toys and materials.

ASE Enrollment Options 2023/24

Option 1: Contract. Families who choose this option will have a guaranteed ASE spot for their child(ren) for the number of days for which they have contracted. Prices are listed below. Families will need to identify the days of the week for which they will need care. With 30-days notice, families can change the days for which they need care should a schedule change be needed.

Option 2: Drop-In. ASE will also be available on a drop-in basis at a flat rate of $35 per afternoon. While we hope to accommodate everyone, please note that drop-in space in the program may not always be available.

Number of DaysPer Month CostAfternoon Rate
4 Days$400/month N/A
3 Days$300/monthN/A
2 Days$200/monthN/A
Drop-In Rate N/A$35/afternoon

β€œIn any group of kids, the Tilden kids dramatically stand out. They are the kind and respectful thoughtful thinkers. They are confident and caring leaders. They are kind to the environment and the world around them. The quarters may be tight, but the closeness seems to play a big role in developing relationships with peers, teachers, and families. The focus at Tilden is the kids and it is truly evident when you consider a Tilden graduate. My child is now out in front at her public middle school, both academically and maturity-wise, thanks to the incredible nurturing the team. at Tilden!”

β€” Alumni Parent