Tilden’s Mission and Philosophy

At Tilden School, our mission is to inspire each student to explore with curiosity, engage with purpose, and grow with confidence.

We provide academic rigor and mastery of core reading, writing, and STEM essentials.

We provide a low student/teacher ratio, where each student is known by each educator.

We offer children a joyful and stimulating atmosphere in which to experiment and learn.

We balance structure and choice.

We empower our educators to adapt their curriculum for each class, and for each student.

We acknowledge that an arts curriculum is essential to early childhood development.

Our program is enriched with specialists who teach music, art, science, technology, Spanish, art history, language, P.E., and writing.

We graduate confident, kind scholars who thrive in public and private schools across the region.

“If you have the opportunity to send your child to Tilden, take it. Tilden is an absolute gift. My two children have both attended and have come away with a pure joy and love of learning. They have thrived in every way as a result of the safe environment, the nurturing and encouraging staff and the challenging, individualized curriculum. Tilden makes learning fun. The only thing you’ll struggle with is how to find a middle and high school that are as excellent.”

— Alumni Parent