Fifth-graders Explore Stewardship 2017

The fifth-graders’ most recent research project started with their desire to effect positive change in this time of political turmoil. Expanding from their acts of stewardship at home and in their West Seattle community, the Fabulous 5’s (as their teacher calls them) explored numerous nonprofits, both local and global, that positively impact people, animals, and/or the environment. Guest speaker Terri Glaberson, a parent and Vice President of Programs with Girl Scouts of Western Washington, told the 5’s to find their passion, so that’s where they started. Parent and guest speaker Carl Hensman, Senior Program Officer for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene at the Gates Foundation, discussed the importance of effective stewardship, either through one’s own actions or by entrusting an organization to wisely use one’s donation. Finally, Dave McCoy, parent and river conservationist, shared the multitude of ways one can advocate for worthy causes. Thus, the 5’s research led to each student selecting a nonprofit that demonstrated proven success and sound financials. Finally, each fifth-grader presented his/her research by giving a formal speech. Results? Loads of learning, from how fortunate we are, to the immediate needs of most of the world’s population, creatures, and ecosystems; from how powerless we can feel, to knowing we can make a real, global impact with a few mouse clicks; and from thinking “we’re just kids,” to realizing kids are powerful.