April 18, 2018: Living Computers Museum + Labs

The fourth- and fifth-graders seriously enjoyed their field trip to Seattle’s Living Computers Museum + Labs! Students were fully engaged through hands-on experiences with computer technology from the 1960s to present. From supercomputers to mainframes, artificial intelligence to self-driving cars, robotics to video-game making, there was too much to explore in one visit, and as such, we’re already discussing a return field trip next year. Woohoo!

March, 2018: Frisbee Book Projects

How far will a book project fly? The fourth graders answered the question as they tested the flight-worthiness of their Frisbee book projects. Character descriptions, plot summaries, and the rest of the parts of a good book project were seen swirling and gliding across the playground!

March, 2018; Writing Reports

Recently, the fourth graders practiced using their research skills as they wrote reports about animals.
The project was far reaching, sending tendrils into prose, poetry, and art.

2018 Food Drive

Recently, the Tilden 1st and 4th graders hosted a food drive to benefit the West Seattle Food Bank. As always, our Tilden families responded with enthusiasm and generosity, filling an SUV to overflowing with donated items.

March 19, 2018: Tilden Learning Celebration

Aptly named, the Tilden Learning Celebration is indeed a celebration of all the learning our hardworking students have experienced thus far this school year. It’s a joyous occasion, both for faculty and families, as everyone pauses to reflect on how far our learners have come.

February 20-22, 2018: IslandWood

Tilden’s fifth grade class spent three days and two nights at IslandWood, an environmental sciences school in the woods on Bainbridge Island. The program provides exceptional learning experiences with the goal of inspiring lifelong environmental stewardship. Outdoors each day, the fifth-graders studied ecosystems while living in ways that are more sustainable. Now it’s up to the fifth grade students to continue living in more sustainable ways, encouraging their families and friends to do the same.

February 2018: Nutrition Classes with Marcy Rebar

Next year the fifth-graders will be off to middle school and greater independence in many ways, including food choices, so we invited dietician Marcy Rebar to share her expertise. The kids learned everything from the benefits of consuming a variety of foods from the various food groups to which foods offer good fat vs. bad fat, from what role vitamins play to how to read and understand labels, and from how food companies target young audiences to the overwhelming use of sugar in many food products. We hope our fifth-graders make wise choices with their growing independence.

February 14, 2018: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tilden parents went all out for this year’s Valentine’s Day parties—typical. Love was in the air, love for our Tilden kiddos, that is. Decorations, games, crafts, and loads of treats were enjoyed by all! Our students and faculty felt the “love” and deeply appreciate the time, creativity, and effort made by our generous parents. xoxo


January 24, 2018: An Intro to Classics

Lucky fifth-graders! Today they enjoyed a very special lesson with Tilden alum Nils Enevoldsen, visiting on break from his graduate program in economics at MIT. Having already read the Iliad and being part way through the Odyssey, the 5s were introduced to the ancient Greek alphabet. They learned to transliterate phonetically-spelled English into Greek, listened to the sing-songy recitation of the first part of the Iliad in ancient Greek, and were introduced to some roots and vocabulary of the Iliad. It was so cool! Thank you, ΝΙΛΣ!

November 28, 2017: Holiday Giving Tags for Mary’s Place

The Tilden community is sending love to local homeless families through holiday gift donations. By selecting gift tags to fulfill wishes for Mary’s Place families, we’re hoping to bring a little joy and peace this holiday season to local families who have left behind homes and traditions. The need is greater than ever, as the number of families being serviced by Mary’s Place has doubled in just one year. Thank you for donating!

UPDATE: Tilden families rock! Thanks to you, over 100 gifts were donated to Mary’s Place families in three days! THANK YOU!